CALL FOR PAPERS.  Social Science Conference on ‘Novel Foods and Novel Food Production:  a Contribution to Sustainability and Food Security?’

Deadline for submissions:  30 November 2022

Papers can be presented in person or online


Conference date:  10 March 2023

The American University of Rome


The Conference focus is on the wave of the so-called disruptive technologies developed  by mission-oriented entrepreneurs in the name of sustainability and food security: novel foods. These range from cellular meat,  plant-based meat alternatives, microorganism-based  and insect-based proteins. Similarly, innovations in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), encompassing a variety of indoor farming systems and vertical farming, aim to free fresh produce production from the risks and rhythms of the natural environment, integrating it into urban life. 

Keynote speakers:   Prof. John Wilkinson, Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (in person)

                                 George Monbiot, Writer, Journalist, Environmental and Political Activist (online)


 The themes for contributions include: 

  1. The institutional characteristics of the new food innovation ecosystem

  2. Novel forms of food production: Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA), characteristics, social and governance dimensions

  3. CEA as a reconfiguration of rural urban perspectives?

  4. Novel foods: the extent of their adoption and their impact on diets

  5. Consumer responses: vegetarianism, veganism and flexitarianism

  6. Responses of different social movements – environment, animal welfare, food and health

  7. Alternative proteins, including insects: a new problem for food security or part of the solution?

  8. Plant-based proteins: consumption and production issues in the EU and US

  9. New forms of intellectual property in food and implications for food security

  10. The impact of current innovations for agriculture, farmers, global food chains and local food systems

  11. Current innovations and new axes of global governance.

Deadline for the extended abstracts (800-1,200 words, including introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions) and a short CV: 30 November 2022.


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Notifications of acceptance status will be made by January 2023.

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