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Hunger being man-made, it can be unmade by human decisions and action

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The European Union and glyphosate: an illustration of one of the principles that govern our society

The resolution adopted by the European Parliamant on glyphosate illustrates well the principle of ‘privatising profits, socialising costs’ that often govern decisions taken by political leaders. [read]

Nepal earthquake: support the Nepalese people

  1. - Laduk Recover Fund

  2. - UNICEF


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The ambition of this site, created in June 2013, is to try and inform on the food issue and to debunk myths on hunger (More on myths on hunger...) so that the honest citizens of the XXIst century that we are, are able to better understand the world around us and act in order to change it and make a reality of the utopia of a world without hunger. [read more]


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Democratizing Food Governance

a conference organized by the American University of Rome (14 October 2016)

For more information, registration and submission of papers, click here.

How do rich countries see the future of food and agriculture? (New)

The OECD gives its vision of the future of food and agriculture while leaving the lion’s share to multinational corporations and the financial system, while not bothering about world hunger! [read]

Sustainable Agricultural Development for Food Security and Nutrition: what roles for livestock?

Join the presentation of the 2016 Report of the High Level Panel of Expert (HLPE) on Food Security and Nutrition

on Thursday June 30, 2016 at 15:30, Roma Tre University

Rome, Italy

Read detailed program here