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Scientific research under the influence of private interests

A study by France’s INRA shows that a large proportion of research publications on GMOs is the object of conflicts of interest and that, in this case, the content of the publication has high chances of being in favour of seed companies. [read]

Climate finance for poor countries: confusion, lack of transparency and probability that commitments made will not be respected

During COP21 in Paris, rich countries committed to help fund climate adaptation and mitigation efforts of poor countries through a funding mechanism that aims at mobilising USD100 billion annually by 2020. Where do we stand one year later? [read]

Africa: can the continent end hunger and become food self-sufficient by 2025?

It seems unlikely that Africa will be able to achieve these two objectives simultaneously. However, it can end hunger, provided it mobilises adequate resources and benefits from support of its partners. [read]

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The ambition of this site, created in June 2013, is to try and inform on the food issue and to debunk myths on hunger (More on myths on hunger...) so that the honest citizens of the XXIst century that we are, are able to better understand the world around us and act in order to change it and make a reality of the utopia of a world without hunger. [read more]


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Is there a new paradigm of agricultural research? (New)

Do the growing awareness that our agri-food system has multiple roles to play, the new services to agriculture that other economic sectors can now provide, and the increasing weight of large private corporations contribute to establish a new paradigm of agricultural research? [read]

A review of two recent publications and of forthcoming studies illustrates EU’s thinking on food and agriculture

Concerning gaps cast doubt on independence and credibility of research conducted by the European Parliament’s Think Tank. [read]

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Free Trade Agreements Promote Corporate Interests

byJomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury