Hunger, crime against humanity

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- Hunger is man-made: it is the result of deliberate decisions made by our leaders.

  1. -Hundreds of millions of people starve in the world and every year more than 5 million die from hunger, two thirds are children.

  1. -All this happens in a world where food is abundant.

  1. -It is small farmers who constitute the bulk of the victims of hunger.

  1. -They have been excluded from development programmes and cannot cope with an unfair competition on markets.

  1. -It is possible to end hunger now at an affordable cost.

  1. -Not doing everything possible to end hunger must be recognized as a crime against humanity.

  1. -Our leaders must be put in front of their responsibilities.

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Last update:    April 2014

Tell Ban Ki-moon that hunger is a crime against humanity

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