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March 2017

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Why famines in a world of plenty?


The dramatic famines in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are not caused by fate but the result of man-made decisions. A converging set of causes suggest that famines risk to become more frequent in the futur, despite the sufficient availability of food worldwide. [read]


What are the challenges to be met in order to secure a sustainable future for our food system?


Technology, dynamics of food and agricultural value chains and governance deficit are the main factors explaining the crisis of our food system. They determine the challenges to meet in order to secure a sustainable future. [read]


Production and use of pesticides: an infringement on the rights to food and health


The alleged reasons that would make pesticides indispensable to ensure world food security are in contradictions with the right to health, considering the numerous health impacts associated to their use.  [read]



Sweetened Research, Sugared Recommendations

by Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Tan Zhai Gen

How the industry funds research to influence food regulations and our consumption, at the cost of our health.  [read]


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