24 May 2014

USAID’s Frontiers in Development essay competition

Devex is hosting USAID’s Frontiers in Development essay competition and invites writers to submit a short written piece that draws on experience advancing innovative ideas and solutions to end extreme poverty. Selected essays will be published in the USAID 2014 Frontiers in Development publication, which in past years has featured contributions by Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and Paul Collier. The winning contribution will also be published on

The point of this competition is to hear about people’s thought on issues like: What innovations have the potential to make the most difference in eradicating extreme poverty? What impacts do global investments have on poverty reduction? Should efforts target the poorest populations or spur broad inclusive economic growth? Aside from income, how else would you define extreme poverty? just submitted its short essay. Its topic is Research on sustainable and accessible agricultural technologies for combatting poverty and hunger.

You can download our essay here:

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