first quarter 2019


17 March 2019 - Improved and local paddy varieties in South Asia: governments remain deaf to arguments put forward by farmers while biodiversity continues to decrease

For small farmers of the Indian subcontinent, rice is “more than just a bundle of calories and starch”. [read]

10 March 2019 - Can the food issue be reduced to a question of production?

A sustainable solution to the food issue will only be found if there are in-depth changes both in the way our food is being produced and consumed. This will require to challenge the paradigm that underpins the world economy and causes intolerable inequalities. [read]

6 March 2019 - Côte d’Ivoire decides to work with chocolate majors for a more sustainable management of tropical forests: should we be concerned?

Will the chocolate multinationals put restoration of forest cover above their economic interests? What implications for cocoa producers?  [read]

20 January 2019 - In the EU, gaps in the debate on migration explain policy deficiencies

What are the root causes of migration? How biased is the debate on immigration in Europe? Are European aid policies a solution or are they part of the problem? [read]

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