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26 June 2015 - Trade and the quest for more evidence, solutions to the issue of food and climate change, says an expert consultation

Experts shy away from questionning conventional agrochemical agriculture and have already forgotten the lessons from the 2008 crisis. [read]

17 June 2015 - A solution to combat climate change: an agriculture that stores carbon in the soil

Regenerative organic agriculture can help store a huge quantity of carbon in the soil while contributing to make agriculture more sustainable and to eradicate hunger. [read]

13 June 2015 - The latest report on the State of World Food Insecurity admits that the Millenium Development Goal 1 to reduce hunger by half will not be achieved


21 May 2015 - Reducing sugar consumption, overweight and related diseases

A comprehensive approach that influences the availability of sugar, its price, our perception of sugar and of its substitutes, as well as our awareness of the presence of sugar in the food that we consume, will help reduce its consumption. [read]

17 May 2015 - Impressions on the world exhibition in Milano 2015 (Expo2015)

Impressions from two and a half days at the World exhibition in Milano, whose theme is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. [read]

26 April 2015 - Plundering Africa

Every year, Africa pays more to the rest of the world than it receives from it. This challenges the myth that Africa is ‘an assisted continent’ [read]

14 April 2015 - For a more sustainable agriculture : three myths to debunk

Chemical fertiliser use, ploughing and monocropping are practices that are not favourable to sustainable soil fertility. [read]

3 April 2015 - Researchers show that organic agriculture generates more economic value than conventional agriculture

An international team of researchers showed that if you account for the positive externalities it generates, organic agriculture systematically creates more economic value than conventional agriculture. [read]

1 April 2015 - The reasons why the Green Revolution might still not be an option for Africa

A study by two researchers points at reasons why Green Revolution technologies are not being adopted in Ghana [read]

26 March 2015 - Price policies can help promote healthier diets: the example of Europe

A WHO report shows that targeted taxes and subsidies have the potential to influence the decisions that consumers make and can be used to incentivize healthy eating. [read]

25 March 2015 - Research and biodiversity can help us reduce the negative impact of climate change: the case of beans

CGIAR researchers developed heat-tolerant bean varieties.  [read]

11 February 2015 - A new generation of GMOs based on the RNA interference technology evades regulation and is likely to flood the US market. What about the rest of the world?


8 February 2015 - The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa: focus on land and seeds

A report prepared by GRAIN and AFSA provides details on actions taken by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition of the G8 in the area of land and seeds in Africa. [read]

3 February 2015 - Nano-pesticides: opportunity or new risk?

In recent years, big agrochemical firms have invested large sums of money in the development of nano-pesticides [read]

12 January 2015 - The Indian government intends to reform the Land Acquisition Act to make it more industry-friendly

Less stringent approvals by affected population, no more compulsory social impact assessment are part of the envisaged changes [read]

4 January 2015 - 2015 will be the International Year of Soils

December 5, 2014 was the first celebrated World Soil Day. It was also the occasion to launch the International Year of Soils (IYS). [read]

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