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3 December 2019 - Denigrating farmers is choosing the wrong target: advocacy for French farmers

Who is really responsible for the ills for which the rest of the French population is accusing farmers?  Looking back at history will help to answer this question without any hesitation. [read]

26 November 2019 - Turmoil in the world of seeds

Rich and poor countries oppose on the use of agricultural biodiversity. In the absence of an agreement during the Eighth Session of the International Seed Treaty, the plundering of genetic resources may quietly and comfortably continue… [read]

13 November 2019 - Do forgotten crops have a part to play in the transition towards a more sustainable and climate friendly food system?

Over the last century, history of agriculture has been one of impoverishment of the genetic base of food. Recently, there has been a renewed interest for “forgotten crops”. [read]

9 November 2019 - In Europe, one of the richest regions in the world, more than one person out of six lives in poverty

Women, mostly alone, children and a growing number of working-age adults live in poverty and isolation. [read]

31 October 2019 - The dangers of a “partial” impact analysis: the example of a study on the impact of a 100% conversion to organic farming in England and Wales

The critical review of this study illustrates how difficult it is to analyse all dimensions of the food transition and how limiting the scope of research impairs the message sent to decision-makers and the public at large. [read]

20 October 2019 - Urbanisation of hunger: the rural drift drives hunger to the cities

Once in the cities, most rural migrants are very vulnerable. More than 60% of the money they earn will go straight into the purchase of food. [read]

17 October 2019 - The triple burden of malnutrition is getting heavier in the world, says UNICEF.

The triple burden of malnutrition - undernutrition, hidden hunger and overweight – threatens the survival, growth and development of children.  [read]

15 October 2019 - New evidence of widespread human and labour rights violations in our food chains

The “relentless drive to cut costs and maximise profits”, cutthroat competition and the need to offer attractive prices for consumers are the main causes of the intolerable living and working conditions imposed on the multitude of workers producing our food.   [read]

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