second quarter 2018


18 mai 2018 - Official Development Assistance, a drop in an ocean of needs

Rich countries give around 0.31% of their gross national income and aid going to Africa weighs less than 0.4% of its GDP. But aid is not only an issue of quantity... Is development assistance really of use to solve poor countries’ problems?  [read]

10 May 2018 - Animal welfare: a cause that makes progress thanks to civil society

Series of scandals have been occurring despite a slowly evolving legislation. This notwithstanding, the animal welfare cause can make good progress because of the commitment of civil society organizations and of changes in consumer behaviour. [read]

5 May 2018 - Is France world champion of food sustainability?

By obtaining a food sustainability index of 74.8%, France ranks first among the 34 countries for which EIU and BCFN computed this index. But the French food system remains under threat of a series of very worrying processes. [read]

30 April 2018 - Land degradation:  a serious consequence of human activities with dramatic implications on food, health and well-being of world population

A frantic consumption and an economic system that makes that decisions taken at one corner of the world affects land resources at the other end of the planet, are some of the root causes of land degradation. But solutions exist... [read]

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