second quarter 2019


11 June 2019 - Protecting our health and environment - Is justice to substitute rules and regulations?

In the face of the inability of Parliaments and Governments to take appropriate measures, consumers and citizens have been obliged to invoke the third power : Justice. [read]

9 June 2019 - Pervasive plastic (Season 2) : in the Mediterranean Sea and in our food

New evidence of pervasiveness and of negative consequences reinforce the need for clearly defined actions. [read]

27 May 2019 - Climate : two complementary approaches for a better understanding of the greenhouse gases issue

These two approaches show that solutions are both in the evolution of production technologies and in more sensible consumption choices. [read]

16 May 2019 - Scientific research under the influence of private interests (Season 2) : sugar and physical exercise

Coca-Cola waters scientists with millions of dollars to convince consumers throughout the world that with more physical exercice, they may continue absorbing large quantities of sugar drinks without bearing any health consequences.[read]

8 May 2019 - Life plagued by human madness: we must change our paradigms, objectives and values

The decrease of the number of species is accelerating and number of living organisms is regressing even for those species who are not at risk of extinction. These are the consequences of human activities and of the vision humankind has of the world and of the position it believes to hold in it. [read]

4 May 2019 - The United Nations warn us: we must stop plundering natural resources

To double the gross domestic product since 1970 and get billions of people out of poverty, humankind has adopted a devastating and unsustainable development model that is diametrically opposed to the sustainable development path it has committed to follow. [read]

28 April 2019 - Spain: strawberries with a strong taste of sex and pesticides...

Until recently, strawberries produced in Spain were known to have, by lack of taste of fruit, a strong taste of pesticide. We now discover they also have a strong taste of sex... [read]

15 April 2019 - To manage sustainably our water resources, we need to change our food consumption

Did you know that in France people use for their food more than ten times the water utilised for satisfying daily needs for hygiene and sanitation? [read]

11 April 2019 - How far will financial speculation go? After prices, pandemics - What next…?

Perverse financial instrument, the Ebola “pandemic bonds” of the World Bank have paid, in two years, more than $110 million to speculators, while only $20 million were used to fight against the on-going pandemic in DRC. [read]

5  April 2019 - In the global food system, the “farm-tech revolution” could shift the balance of power to the detriment of the weakest

Increased efficiency, less costs and waste, but also greater concentration of power and accelerated marginalisation of the weakest... [read]

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