News second quarter 2020


22 June 2020 - COVID-19 and food crisis: the main operating mechanisms

Reduced production and household income and higher food prices are the main causes of the food crisis created by COVID-19. [read]

18 June 2020 - The reduction of world forests erodes their ability to store carbon and conserve biodiversity

The commented results of the last “Global Forest Resources Assessment“ conducted by the FAO in 2020. [read]

10 May 2020 - The COVID-19 dilemma: Health or the economy?

The world faces the “health - economy” dilemma. In poor countries, it means choosing between saving people from the pandemic or saving them from hunger. Some elements of the debate [read].

2 May 2020 - Europe: Could the COVID-19 crisis contribute to a “reshoring” of production?

What exactly would reshoring mean? What would be its consequences? And what are the main obstacles of a movement that, for many, appears to be a solution to several of our problems?  [read]

22 April 2020 - COVID-19 and food: the economic and food crisis hits the more vulnerable - some insights

The COVID-19 crisis is beginning to seriously shake the food system throughout the world, pushing a growing number of people into food insecurity and tragedy. [read]

5 April 2020 - The selfish, the blind and the invisible: what COVID-19 tells us about our societies

A careful analysis of available information sheds light on us and our perception of the world around us. It offers some hints on how to enter effectively into the 21st century. [read]

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