News second semester 2015


14 November 2015 - Valletta Summit on migration: 1.8 billion euros for Africa to stop Africa-to-Europe migration - Illusion or irresponsibility?


6 November 2015 - Fire in South-East Asia: a highly visible consequence of our failing food system

Little more than three weeks before COP21, in a quasi-general indifference, fire outbreaks that devastate Borneo constitute a symbol of the absurdity and violence of our global food system. [read]

26 September 2015 - Modalities for implementing the right to food: the debate

The lessons of more than a decade of debates that led to the approval of the new Indian Food Security Act. [read]

9 September 2015 - Ecological farming at the center of the food system called for by Greenpeace

A plea for an ecological farming that combines modern science and innovation with respect for nature and biodiversity. [read]

23 August 2015 - A major challenge for agricultural research in the mid-term: developping climate-change ready rice varieties

On-going research demonstrates the necessity to invest in public agricultural research to help develop technologies accessible to all farmers. [read]

19 August 2015 - The large multinational corporations in charge of our agri-food system : how they try to earn themselves an ethical, pro-development image.

An aggressive communication conducted through some associations seeks to create confusion on the real objectives of multinationals  [read]

17 August 2015 - Social programmes: consensus on their usefulness, disagreement on their funding


9 August 2015 - Countries are getting ready to approve new Sustainable Development Goals for the 15 years to come: What is new compared to the MDGs in 2000?


27 July 2015 - Strengths and weaknesses of the agreement reached at the Addis Ababa Conference on Financing for Development

Although it makes steps into the right direction, the Addis agreement remains incomplete and lacks a proper commitment towards concrete action required to eradicate hunger and poverty. [read]

22 July 2015 - OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook : short-sighted optimism…?

In the year of the Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 and as stock is being taken of progress made in achieving the Millenium Development Goals (MDG), the two international organisations consider the agricultural outlook from a simple productionist point of view. [read]

17 July 2015 - Food Security Governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations, by Nora McKeon

Less than one year after publishing “The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: a coup for corporate capital?”, Nora McKeon is back with a new book “Food Security Governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations”.  [read]

1 July 2015 - In the US, the industrial food and agriculture sector spent hundreds of millions on communication to influence the media, consumers and policy. What about in Europe?


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