third quarter 2016


25 September 2016 - The dark side of chocolate: a comparative study of ‘conventional’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘fair trade’ cocoa value chains

The analysis of different types of cocoa value chains in Côte d’Ivoire and Peru shows that the ‘conventional’ value chain has huge hidden social and environmental costs compared to the ‘fair trade’ value chain. [read]

21 September 2016 - 100 000 premature deaths in South-East Asia: we are all responsible, but we prefer to look elsewhere

Our media are full of the horrors of ‘our enemies’, but we avoid carefully to face the dramatic consequences of our own behaviour. [read]

17 September 2016 - Can urban agriculture be part of the food solution?

In the debate around the food issue, there has been an increasing number of voices who have put forward urban agriculture as an important part of the solution. What are the arguments that support this view?


25 August 2016 - European Companies and Land Grabbing: evidence of human rights violation

A study commissioned by the European Parliament demonstrates that involvement of EU-based companies in land grabbing and violations of human rights have been grossly underestimated.


12 August 2016 - The 2016 Global Nutrition Report: a taste of unfinished work…

Malnutrition: critical challenge, repeated commitments, mixed results... The Report published by IFPRI explains...but we expect more.


17 July 2016 - AfDB’s new agricultural strategy: for a so-called “modern” agriculture that will be neither sustainable nor inclusive and will only benefit a minority

AfDB proposes to transform African agriculture in a ‘modern’ agriculture according to the model of agriculture in rich countries, even though this model has proven to be a failure. [read]

15 July 2016 - Terrorism, Hunger, Migrations : Why are we unable to address the root causes of our problems?

Yesterday 84 people were killed in Nice by a truck as they were celebrating the 227th anniversary of the French Revolution. Today’s reactions by leaders and experts show our inability to address root causes of our problems. Why?


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