News third quarter 2020


26 September 2020 - Income inequality impacts on the level of greenhouse gas emissions and on vulnerability to the consequences of climate change

The more people are rich, the more they emit greenhouse gas; the more people are poor and less they emit greenhouse gas, but the more they are vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. The strategy to reduce emissions must take these inequalities into account. [read]

23 September 2020 - Farmers: poisoned lives

Two testimonies demonstrate the difficulties met by new rural dwellers, particularly if they farm differently from local farmers. [read]

August 2020 - Facts and figures on world food insecurity - An alarming deterioration   

Despite reiterated commitments and a long series of declarations made by governments over decades, the world is off track: the end of hunger, of food insecurity and of all forms of malnutrition seems out of reach...


6 July 2020 - In France, organic is growing fast

More than 70% of the French consume organic products at least once in a month, food habits change, but local supply has difficulties in meating a growing demand. [read]

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