Seven principles for ending hunger


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Seven principles for ending hunger sustainably

The detailed analysis of the causes of hunger, of the main food and agriculture related issues, of the stakeholders who act every day to achieve their goals or those of the people they represent, as well as of the political dimension and the drivers of hunger allow to identify some principles that should guide actions to end hunger.

These principles are briefly presented here:

    1. -Organisation and Empowerment of the hungry [read]

    2. -Food for the undernourished [read]

    3. -Battle against wastage [read]

    4. -Development of research [read]

    5. -Protection of local agricultural systems [read]

    6. -Recognition and Respect of rights [read]

    7. - Recasting of policies and institutions [read]

Materne Maetz

(October 2013)

Download the texts on Principles in a pdf file Principles for ending hunger.pdf

Last update:    October 2013

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