13 July 2017 - Our food system: some reasons for hope…

The strong growth of organic products and of fair trade shows that some positive changes are taking place. [read]

26 June 2017 - Plundering Africa (Season 2)

A new study, that updates work conducted in 2014, shows that every year, Africa pays more to the rest of the world than it receives from it. This challenges the myth that Africa is ‘an assisted continent’. [read]

13 June 2017 - Low agricultural prices, debt, farmer suicides, strikes and ban of purchases of cattle for slaughter: India’s agricultural crisis

The Indian government faces an intensified movement of protest by farmers [read]

18 May 2017 - US Food and Agriculture: present and (perhaps) future situation

For the first time, in 2014, US consumers paid more money for prepared foods than for foods to be prepared at home. This evolution may anticipate on the evolution of food consumption in the rest of the world. [read]

12 May 2017 - What can FAO offer to the world in the domain of food and agricultural policies?

A new web portal informs on activities carried out by FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) in the field of food and agricultural policies, and presents resources useful to professionals, academics and a wider public.  [read]

25 April 2017 - To eat more fruits and vegetables is fine. But which ones?

Did you know that in France, apples are treated more than 35 times? [read]

19 March 2017 - Production and use of pesticides: an infringement on the rights to food and health

The alleged reasons that would make pesticides indispensable to ensure world food security are in contradictions with the right to health, considering the numerous health impacts associated to their use. [read]

12 March 2017 - Why famines in a world of plenty?

The dramatic famines in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are not caused by fate but the result of man-made decisions. A converging set of causes suggest that famines risk to become more frequent in the futur, despite the sufficient availability of food worldwide. [read]

10 March 2017 - What are the challenges to be met in order to secure a sustainable future for our food system?

Technology, dynamics of food and agricultural value chains and governance deficit are the main factors explaining the crisis of our food system. They determine the challenges to meet in order to secure a sustainable future. [read]

17 February 2017  - After pockets, corridors,... what next?

In Africa, development corridors were to help solve the food issue. Where do we really stand? [read]

6 February 2017 - The World Economic Forum’s “New Vision for Agriculture” is moving ahead on the ground…

Make large multinationals the masters of the food and agriculture sector, by funding them in part by rich countries’ taxpayers and to the detriment of hundreds of millions of small family farmers... [read]

21 January 2017 - Is there a new paradigm of agricultural research?

Do the growing awareness that our agri-food system has multiple roles to play, the new services to agriculture that other economic sectors can now provide, and the increasing weight of large private corporations contribute to establish a new paradigm of agricultural research? [read]

5 January 2017 - A review of two recent publications and of forthcoming studies illustrates EU’s thinking on food and agriculture

Concerning gaps cast doubt on independence and credibility of research conducted by the European Parliament’s Think Tank. [read]

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